Vacant Building Owner/Mortgagee Search

How to search for the owner(s) or mortgagee(s) of a vacant building:

1.  Go to the Cook County Property Tax Portal,

2.  Click on the “Search by Property Address Button”

3.  Type in the property address into the boxes. When typing in the street you may have to leave out the directional abbreviation (N, S, E, W, etc) from the street box in order to conduct the search.

4.  Once the address has been entered a new screen will appear which should list the property address that you are searching for. Click on the property address on the screen.

5.   A new screen will appear titled “Property Characteristics”. Write down the PIN number that appears on the screen. The pin number is typically a 14 digit number.

6.  Minimize the “Property Characteristics” screen and go to

7.  Click on Property Identification Number (PIN) Search. In the following page type in the PIN number that appeared on the “Property Characteristics” screen and click “search”.

8.   A new screen will appear that lists the past and present owners and mortgagee(s) of the property.

If additional assistance is required please do not hesitate to call DOAH at 312-603-2120 or the Cook County Recorder of Deeds at 312-603-5050.

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