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Welcome to the Highway Department Hearings Division.

The Department of Administrative Hearings Highway Division hears cases initiated from the Highway Department.

The Highway Department has maintenance responsibilities for 1,474 miles of pavement, 130 bridges, 332 traffic signals and 5 pumping stations.

The Department of Highway began sending code violations enforcement cases to the Department of Administrative Hearings for adjudication in March 2010. Common violation types include:

  • Construction/Maintenance Permits

For more information on the Highways Department, please visit their website by clicking here, or contact them at (312)603-9945.

Your Hearing location and court appointed date is written on your ticket or notice of violation. If you are unable to attend your hearing date on the date scheduled on your notice of violation or citation (“the ticket”), please contact the Department of Administrative Hearings at (312)603-2120 or click here for information on our Administrative Procedures. If you have missed your Hearing date, you may still have an opportunity to reschedule your Hearing by filing a Motion to Set-Aside the Default Judgment.

Below is a list of common code violations and their corresponding descriptions:

  • Section 66-65
  • Section 66-79


SUMMARY: No person is allowed to perform work on the public way or obstruct the public way unless a permit has been obtained from the Highway Department.


A fine of not less than $100 and not more than $1000 shall be assessed per day.


Sec. 66-65. - General requirements.

No person shall perform any work in the public way, including construction, reconstruction, upgrading, replacement, removal, relocation, modification or maintenance of any facilities, trimming or removal of any vegetation, or any excavation, in the public way, or place materials, equipment, devices, or structures in the public way (whether temporary or permanent) which, in the reasonable judgment of the Highway Department, will or may obstruct the public way, until such person has obtained a permit in accordance with this Division 3. No permits shall be issued as to Facilities where a license agreement is required pursuant to Division 2 unless and until such license agreement has been executed by the Board. As provided in Section 66-57, if the Highway Department determines upon an applicant's application for a permit that the proposed facilities or work require continued regulation, the Highway Department shall require that a license agreement be executed prior to issuance of a permit. Specific types of permits are referred to and briefly described below.

(a)    Permit conditions. Specific permit terms, conditions and requirements, including insurance, bonding and indemnification requirements, will be determined by the Highway Department and set forth in the permit application or issuance documentation. The application form shall request facts and information the County deems appropriate, including a description of the facilities and their locations, as provided in Section 66-55. Additional requirements or types of permits may be established by the Highway Department at any time as deemed necessary. The Highway Department will determine, in its sole discretion, the category of permit which is appropriate for any application. If at any time during the permit process the Highway Department determines that the permit should be reclassified, then the applicant shall be notified and any additional fees shall be assessed. All permit applications shall be submitted to the Highway Department on forms obtained from the Highway Department.

(b)    Failure to obtain permit. A person's failure to obtain a permit in accordance with this division and to perform work in the manner set forth in the permit shall be a violation of this article and shall subject grantee to the penalties set forth in Section 66-91

(c)    Permit fees. An applicant for a permit shall pay to the County a permit fee at the rate in effect from time to time. The types of fees and the initial amounts of such fees are set forth in Section 66-102. All permit fees shall be paid prior to the issuance of the permit.

(Ord. No. 07-O-33, 6-19-2007.)



Any person who has been granted a permit from the Highway Department shall not leave any rocks, boulders, debris, equipment or other material in the public way unless it is allowed by the permit.


A fine of not less than $100 and not more than $1000 shall be assessed per day.

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Sec. 66-79. - Operational restrictions.

In no event shall a grantee place or allow to remain in the public way any rocks, boulders, debris, equipment or other material other than as specifically allowed pursuant to an applicable permit. The Highway Department may require a grantee to discontinue construction operations in public ways when, in the sole judgment of the Highway Department, such operations may create hazards to traffic or the public health, safety, and welfare or when conditions are such that construction may result in damage to the public way or other property. Other regulations and requirements regarding construction activities, such as hours of construction, shall be determined by the Highway Department.

(Ord. No. 07-O-33, 6-19-2007.)

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